Richard Bandler DVD’s

Richard Bandler – The Bandler Effect

Watch Richard Bandler work with clients, as you have never seen before!

In this remarkable 5 DVD box set, Richard Bandler works with clients who require help with motivation, better health, creativity, confidence and to change habits.

When watching these DVD’s, it becomes easy to understand why Richard Bandler is widely considered a genius in the area of personal change.

Beautifully filmed to broadcast standard, they capture the intricate detail of Bandler in action. In addition, he provides an explanation of some of his unique methods that have taken a lifetime to develop, but a fraction of the time to teach.

Even if you are only watching this to learn the Bandler method, it is highly likely you will notice positive life changes in yourself.  order now

Face to Face with Richard Bandler

BRAND NEW DVD, Face to Face with Richard Bandler.

In this DVD Richard will be facing an audience eager to find out more about the man behind the mind. Hosted by broadcaster and TV presenter Paul Ross, Richard will tackle a number of diverse subjects from economics to why we fall in love in this exclusive Face to Face session.

What would you give to be able to sit in a room with the man who co-invented NLP and ask him any question you wanted?
Because that’s exactly what did happen for 100 plus lucky people earlier this year.

And Dr Richard Bandler’s answers were as fascinating, intriguing, funny and off the wall as they were enlightening.

The great news for you is that the whole show was filmed !

From talking about the nature of thinking, through to whether or not he encountered resentment in his career, to how NLP can be used in education and health, it has some great and surprising answers.

The show gives a deeper insight into the man who invented the term “NLP”, revealing more of his interests, and what he thinks about life.
If you are new to NLP and want to find out more about, or you have been in the NLP world for some time, this fascinating DVD will be perfect for you.

10% discount as a special launch offer.   order now


The Secrets of Success Limited Edition DVD Box Set

In this new The Secrets of Success LIMITED EDITION DVD box set, Richard Bandler models four immensely successful people whom you will learn from, be inspired by – and whose skills you will be able to use in your own life.

The four stars of the show he interviews are:
Celebrity chef and restaurant chain owner, Aldo Zilli
Olympic Gold meda-winning runner Iwan Thomas
Multi-millionaire businessman Andrew Morris
Famous British actor, Christopher Ellison.
And, if you have ever wondered how Richard arrived at the powerful NLP techniques that he teaches in his seminars, books and DVDs, prepare to have his secrets revealed, too!
In The Secrets of Success you will see Richard modelling each of these immensely successful people, extracting from them powerful tips that will you will find incredibly useful in your life.
Among the many secrets of success you will draw from this box set, you will discover:
how the most successful people are so often unable to acknowledge their own success – so they have more of a driving edge
how hugely creative people generate images in their mind that draw them inexorable towards them
how rehearsal over and over again in the mind’s eye can lead to excellence in performance
how being an inspiration to others made a millionaire rethink his life
what the responsibilities are of being the man in the public eye
how the right motivation is the key to making you learn
what are the big secrets that the amazingly successful go for what they want – and how you can use those secrets in your life, too.
PLEASE NOTE: The Limited Edition Secrets of Success will comprise a tightly restricted run of ONLY 500 sets. Because of that,we are expecting this set to sell out.

And as FREE EXTRAS in the LIMITED EDITION set ONLY, you will additionally receive:

1) Face To Face with Richard Bandler – a fascinating DVD in which Richard discusses and reveals the thinking behind his life’s work: NLP.
2) An audio CD of each Secrets of Success programme, alongside each DVD, so that you can listen to Richard’s interviews and conclusions while you’re driving or relaxing.   order now

Banishing Phobias

For years, Richard Bandler has been freeing people from phobias by using his famous NLP Fast Phobia Cure.  Now you have the chance to watch him banish three deep-seated fears in a fascinating new DVD that shows how anyone can be freed from their phobias, quickly and easily.

In this DVD, you will see how Richard banishes:

•    Arachnaphobia – a woman with an overwhelming fear of spiders learns that tarantulas really are okay to hold in the palm of her hand

•    Ophidiophobia – be amazed at how quickly Richard helps someone get determined enough to touch a snake – and even wear it round their neck

•    Claustrophobia – watch how laughter helps to overcome a deeply emotional fear, freeing a woman to become completely unafraid of confined spaces

This fascinating DVD will give you the opportunity to emulate Richard at work with clients, so you can understand more of the amazing work he does.

Filmed in front of a live audience at one of his NLP Practitioner trainings in London, this fascinating DVD shows how he utilises different representational systems to get the change his clients want:

•    see how “spinning feelings” can make even the most terrifying events so much more easy

•    notice how changing the sub-modalities of an internal image can take away the fear

•    hear how “stupid voices” really do help people overcome their fears

And of course, Richard uses plenty of carefully placed language, as well as hypnosis to banish these phobias for good.

If you are a hypnotherapist and have ever wished that you could take home a demonstration of his work, this is the DVD for you.

And if you have a phobia yourself, marvel at how easily you can overcome your fear, with the right person to guide you.  You never know – you might be freed of your own phobia by going along with this DVD!  order now

Introduction to NLP DVD – an evening with Richard Bandler

Find out for yourself why Richard Bandler and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is so popular throughout the world. This DVD was filmed during an evening with NLP’s co-creator, Richard Bandler. Richard has inspired many inspirational an motivational speakers around the world, people like Paul McKenna, Anthony Robbins, Derren Brown…have used or use NLP techniques. This DVD is highly entertaining and is a unique opportunity to see the master of communication in action and to experience some basic NLP techniques.   order now




Persuasion Engineering 8 DVD Set

For many years now, the single most important professionals in the world have been ignored by our educational institutions: Sales. Combining NLP & Design Human Engineering™, Richard Bandler’s lastest discoveries in the field of human development, the success patterns that he has been teaching for years in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ plus John La Valle’s innovative applications in the business arena, Persuasion Engineering™ provides new insights into the selling process.

Richard’s genius and indepth understanding of how the brain works and how we use our communicating processes to generate behaviors unconsciously stand out on their own and speak for themselves. John’s success in business is solidly based on his unique ability to present seemingly complex issues simply.

Having studied some of the most successful business people and applying these discoveries, this material is presented for even the novice to understand.

It covers everything from the beginning of the sales process through the close. Using everyday human communication factors that are present in every situation imaginable, you can learn to take these factors to engineer your sales approach on-the-fly, as each situation deserves. With so many available sales ideas out there, none of them address the simple, basic and powerful techniques you can learn from this program.

For the experienced in NLP™, how does one connect representational systems, meta-programs, Meta Model™ and the structure of language, both verbal and nonverbal, into success?

For the novice, how can you learn to use the communication opportunities that are right there in front of you all the time?

Take the information in this nlp program, use it and you can dramatically increase your income. It is simple, understandable and unrivaled in the field of business and sales.  order now

Richard Bandler – Class of a Master

Witness Richard Bandler at work and to personally experience the benefits of his unique and often humorous style of hypnotic installation.

Richard Bandler is one of the greatest geniuses of personal change. Filmed in a studio setting and engineered to broadcast standard, these DVD’s offer a unique opportunity to witness Richard Bandler at work and to personally experience the benefits of his unique and often humorous style of hypnotic installation.


This DVD contains

– Volume 1: Instant Talent
– Volume 2: Inner Beauty
– Volume 3: Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
– Volume 4: Fantastic Futures

order now

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